3 Steps To Become A Better Strategist In Leading Yourself

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It will not come as a surprise to you, for me to say, that I believe that our mind is absolutely fascinating. And, I often talk about its power, and today, I want to focus on your strategy. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that having a strategy comes in very handy to achieve your results, right?

And, as I write about this topic, and use the word “Strategy”, I wonder if some of you are experiencing these types of reaction: I say, Strategy, and you might have gasped “oh no”, or, rolled up your eyes, or, loudly sighed, or shook your head.

You see, the word can be used so often, and can carry both negative or positive connotations. It is often because, it is linked to another word, such as Life strategy, Career strategy, Business strategy; well, it is no wonder it can get overwhelming, any of these sounds huge to me too! And, in the past, you might have shied away from any of these, not even being sure, of where to start. So, what would you say if I were to tell you that you are full of it?

Really, absolutely FULL of it.

Now, let me explain, I am not referring to the standard strategy definition (Wikipedia “A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a vision.”), I’m talking about strategies. Your strategies.

And, you know how I like to keep things simple, so here it goes:

• A strategy is a series of steps that leads to a result,
• Steps that your mind has put together to process how you do something,
• Strategies are used for everything,
• And
• You are probably unaware of most of your strategies.

Yet, often unconsciously, you execute strategies, day in, day out, to do any and all of your activities. You use thousands and thousands of strategies in your daily life, career, business.

Can you see how your strategies are heavily impacting every single thing that you do?

Let’s narrow it down a bit, so staying away from “Life”, “Career”,” Business”, here are a handful of areas, where strategies are being used:

Communication strategies,
Coping strategies,
Creativity strategies,
Fitness strategies,
Love strategies,
Motivation strategies,
Wealth strategies,
etc, etc, etc! (Remember, strategies are used for everything!)

And, one more thing…

• Not all of your strategies are optimised.

“Ouh la la…”I hear you say (ok, I say “ouh la la”, you might have said, “How interesting…”!)

As in, not all of the strategies that you use everyday lead you to your desired results. Interesting, right?

And, here comes the kicker (and the passion that drives me!): you can change any of your strategies. Yes, you can! So, think of an area, where you have not been as successful or skilled as you’d want to be; one of these areas, where you know someone who is better than you at it. You know, when you see someone do something and think to yourself, I wish I could do that… I wish I could make my decision like that, I wish I could present like that, I wish I could run like that, I wish I could speak like that, I wish I could write like that, I wish I could cook like that, I wish I could motivate like that… That’s the area you want to think of. Got it? Now, imagine what it would be like to achieve all of your desired results within that area, to achieve the same results you see that someone else achieve daily. How great would that be?

And, then, stop imagining, as it is time to decide to improve that area, right here, right now.

Step 1 => Boost your awareness
And, well done, since you are reading this, you’ve actually already started the process 😉 By understanding what strategies are, you automatically BOOST your awareness as you become more conscious of something that you were unconscious doing, but never fully leveraged. Start paying attention throughout your day, and fully realise that you are using strategies all day long to do the things you want to do within that area. It is a matter of paying attention to what it is that you do to what are the steps you are following.

Step 2 => Sort your strategies
Ok, next, now that you have boosted your awareness and are more aware of the fact that you are utilising strategies for everything that you do within that area, the next step is to SORT your strategies. There are 3 sorting categories:

  1. the strategies, you use, and for which you obtain the desired result,
  2. the strategies, you use, and for which you do not obtain the desired result,
  3. the strategies, you do not use yet, but wish you could obtain a result for.

Step 3 => Act on your strategies
Now, that you’ve sorted them into the above 3 categories, you can ACT on your strategies. Here are the respective actions:

  1. you keep them the way there are, as these strategies are serving you,
  2. you tweak them, as these strategies are not serving you,
  3. you create them, as you need the strategies to obtain the desired result.

And, how do you do that, I hear you ask?

First, we pace ourselves, and over the next few days, focus on these 3 steps, that will help you become a better strategist, so that you can successfully lead your life, your career, your business. These steps will enable you to focus on your strategies and, truly tune in with your daily activities, by realising the intent behind everything that you do; that’s when your behaviours become strategic. All aligned towards your BIG outcome. (And, this is so exciting!)

So, for now, follow through on each of these steps, have your list ready, and watch out for my next article, where I will guide you on the “how to” steps to tweak your strategies, and, create new ones to achieve more of your desired results.


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Until next time! 😉

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Frederique Murphy


Feedback and comments received on Twitter and Facebook

Interesting article…RT @: 3 Steps To Become A Better Strategist To Successfully Lead Your Life/Business! http://t.co/p7tjiMQ6


Steve Crowe

@ Strategy is part of everything we do and even how we react and feel and cope with everything we encounter in life. #FactOfLife


Karla Hoffman

@ When we develop effective strategies for dealing with negativity we encounter, we can remain positive inspite of those forces.


Karla Hoffman

@ Really enjoyed reading that! Thanks for sharing 🙂


Emer Carr

@ Frederique, it was a great article about the power of mindset. Glad to include it. xx


Mindie Burgoyne

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  • http://mountainmovingmindset.com/blog/ Frederique Murphy


    Thanks for your question.

    And, no need for forgiveness as there are no dumb questions 😉

    It is absolutely possible to have a concise set of strategic steps to achieve a desired result. From experience though, it might not have started that way, and the strategy would have evolved, as you continue to learn and
    grow. This is one of the fascinating things about our mind, is that we can learn how to control it to its best.

    While, I will write about this in further details in part 2, for now, I’ll share one example, where you will see that need for optimisation. Where it becomes extra interesting, is that 2 people aiming towards the same desired
    result might not share the same strategies, as in, they will each have their own set of steps; so, person A utilises their strategy, which has 6 steps and, person B utilises their strategy, which has 12 steps. Both strategies lead to
    the same result, but as you can see, both have different lengths. So, then, comes the choice to decide to optimise, since both strategies lead to the same result, then, from an optimisation perspective, it makes sense for Person B to learn from Person A and start utilising the 6-step strategy. Does it make

    As for the second part of the question, as we forever evolve, learn, stretch and grow, our strategies will also continue to evolve with us, so, very often, our strategies would not be definitive, as you would optimise them as you move forward — see it as thriving for excellence. Having said that, some strategies will be definitive, as they don’t make sense to be changed, and your focus should not
    be placed onto these; the ones that lead to the desired results, and that you can replicate  for years to come, without having to ever think about what it is that you are doing, are the ones to keep (think of brushing your hair, you probably have your own strategy, and might have it for decades, and will be using it the same way for many more (unless you cut
    your hair 😉

    Does it help?

    Have a great week!

  • http://twitter.com/OloriMag Olori Magazine

    Thanks for the response!

  • Olori

    Forgive me if this is a “dumb” question, but is it possible to have a concise set of strategic steps, or does the result of one step affect the second, and we learn and change things on each task. But nothing is ever definitive

  • igor Griffiths

    Well Hello

    Great post, we all behave in our own unique ways and as you point out once we take the time to appreciate this then we can focus our activity in a way that complements our personality rather than inhibits it.

    Of course the next step is having the courage to step away from the crowd and stand alone (for a short period hopefully) as we do our thing in our way.

    igor Griffiths

  • http://mountainmovingmindset.com/blog/ Frederique Murphy

    Hi Igor,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Delighted you thought it was a great read! And, yes, I believe, our uniqueness is one of our human beauties; I also believe in fully embracing it along with our quirkiness!

    It does take courage and boldness, but as I say, you must step out of your comfort zone to access what you want; stretching and growing go hand in hand.

    Have a superb week,