12 Questions That Lead To Clarity

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Did you know that our mind hates uncertainty? This is one of the reasons why, it ‘drives us nuts’ not to answer a question. And, this phenomenon has everything to do with the results (or lack of) you are currently getting in your life, career, and business. You see, since we will answer the questions, and in fact, any questions we ask ourselves, it is critical to carefully hand-pick our questions, so that we get the best answers.

12 Questions That Lead To Clarity

Absolutely everything starts in the mind as our thoughts kick-start a powerful process ensuing results. It goes like this: from a thought to a decision, from a decision to an action, from an action to a result. It is up to us to take control of our mind to get the results that we want, and I want to share with you 12 questions you can ask yourself today that will lead you to clarity.

Clarity is powerful as it enables you to lead powerfully: from strategising to designing, planning, deciding, focusing and acting, so that you can make it happen.

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Each of these questions will guide your thinking, and their answers will help you move forward.

Wealth Questions

Our wealth is unique to us: your wealth is different than mine, and yours is different than your partner, colleague, friend’s one. It is important to identify what your wealth is, as I believe that our wealth is comprised of many components – being, doing and having, which when fulfilled, will bring you ultimate satisfaction. This is your true wealth. Defining your own wealth is the first step in making it happen. Start your answers with, “I am wealthy when I am…, I do…, I have…”.

Question => Who do I want to be?
Question => What do I want to do?
Question => What do I want to have?
Activities Questions

This series of 5 questions is amazing to assess your current activities, and help you focus onto the next steps of implementation. I recommend answering these on a regular basis; you can try a few frequencies and see which one works best for you; I personally do it every 3 months (and, if you are one of our M3 Power Community Members, you’ve gotten the template, and you know we do this every 3 months!).

Question => What should I start doing?
Question => What should I stop doing?
Question => What should I continue doing?
Question => What should I do more of?
Question => What should I do less of?
Alignment Question

Before jumping in into an activity and executing it, it is important to actually double check this activity is aligned with your overall BIG picture. You’d be amazed at the amount of activities that you might be doing, that are misaligned with your goals, and are taking you away from your path. Ask yourself the following question, and if the answer is not a direct and congruent yes, don’t do it.

Question => Does (insert your activity) bring me closer to one of my goals?
Achievement Questions

These 3 questions will help you frame your projects, so that you get the most out of them. And, it starts, right from the onset! The first 2 questions will help you focus on an outcome and needs – too often, people start something without having a clear idea of what it is they want to achieve and what will they need to make it happen. The 3rd question will help you visualise the accomplished project; I highly recommend spending time on this one: what you see, what you hear, what you feel, this will support you along the way.

Question => What do I want to achieve?
Question => What do I need to make it happen (think of actions, resources, support)?
Question => How do I know when I will have achieved it?



Since publishing this article, I’ve helped many leaders in guiding their team to go through these clarity questions together as a group. And, I thought I’d add on here some best practices and advice to apply this in a team environment:

  1. frame the questions, so that you all have the same BIG career/business outcome,
  2. you, as the leader, write each of the questions on a board (flipchart, whiteboard, blackboard…) from left to right,
  3. distribute a pack of sticky notes to each of your group members,
  4. start by answering each of the questions individually and silently (this is called a silent brainstorming); it ensures that the shiest people in your group, still feel at ease to answer the questions; one answer per sticky note,
  5. encourage your group members to stand and together, approach the board and paste their various answers underneath each of the questions,
  6. at this stage, you’ll probably start seeing some of the same answers, and if so, slightly reposition the sticky notes to overlap when similar; this will start creating clusters,
  7. ask each of your group members to read all of the answers and it is quite common to get more ideas, so do add these onto the board,
  8. read all of the answers out loud, get the group conversation going, and ultimately, make the necessary decisions to move forward!

Achieving what you want in life, career and business starts with knowing the answers to these powerful questions. And, when answering, be free: no limits, no filters, no judgements.

The way we think directly affects our results. So, ask yourself these questions to maximise your results.

How have these questions help you? What other questions have you found useful for clarity?

Please leave a comment and join the below conversation!

Until next time! ;-)

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Frederique Murphy


Feedback and comments received on Twitter

@ Your writing just inspires me! I’m gonna print your text and paste it to my bedroom’s door! (& take these steps) #wayoflife


Rocío V.

@ It was amazingly clear… In a simple way mind’s conflict disappears: we are absolutely responsible about our circumstances.


Rocío V.

@ Very interesting post ~ life is full of questions and asking the right one can be the difference between success and failure.



@ “Good info & strengths in here Frederique! I hope ppl eat it up like some good food.”-T.O.N.


Noshayah DaMuzikbox

Thanks a lot. I’ll be using this with my team next week. RT: @ 12 Questions That Lead To Clarity http://t.co/rpyaUvMC


Roland Krijnen

@ Nope.. Your just amazing thats all<< Stay Blessed<


TLR Worldwide, LLC

@ You’re welcome Frederique, very good article :))


Hilary Laviniere

@ •*¨*•♥☆TYSM What we focus on grows. Critical to ask the right questions. Rting your post>> http://t.co/BvGOEQWt


Irene Becker

@ great article on clarity. Spot on!


Michael Corrigan

@ It is surprising to see that we seldom pause and asked ouselves such an important questions. Nice Post. Liked it Fred 🙂


Mehul V. Pithadia

@ what if? makes me never fall back. because i calculate it may happen. and yes still get end result.



@ those are good questions for clarity! Can’t always achieve what we hope 4 but planning like this makes it more likely


OpenUP Coaching

@ No more questions! I created a Thought > Decision > Action > Result “job aid” and a cheat sheet of the questions. Thank you!


Mark Brewer

@ You’re welcome Frederique. The questions presented are very powerful, and ones that I ask myself often. Now I need to reach…


Stefan Prater

@ deep inside to find the answers because I have plenty of doubts about certain aspects of my life. You covered the subject well!


Stefan Prater

@ I would add to the questions “If money was no object…”Just because it is too often an excuse to give an honest answer.


Laptop Lifestyle

“@: In this blog http://t.co/g0NEi1eU I share with you 12 questions…” I’m a big fan of clarifying with good questions.

@ Great questions. Thanks!!


John Limata

@ It’s insightful & very helpful. A great set of questions for anyone who is thinking of becoming an entrepreneur. Great tools!



@ I thought the blog was excellent and very helpful to everyone.Keep up the good work


Andrew Milbourn

@ I thought it covered everything, love the simplicity of the concept and will definitely give it a go!

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  • http://twitter.com/n2501znsd AL SMITH

    I would add another question, “Have I given myself full credit for what I have accomplished?”

  • http://mountainmovingmindset.com/blog/ Frederique Murphy

    Hi Al,

    Thanks for the additional question! How has this question help you with your clarity? It will be interesting to hear your experience(s).

    Have a great weekend,

  • http://twitter.com/vennleader Joe

    What a great way to keep things in perspective and driven by intentions. As I was reading through this each question led me into a different train of thought – revealing things I hadn’t thought about previously. This is a great, simple way to make a foggy situation much more clear. Thanks!

  • http://mountainmovingmindset.com/blog/ Frederique Murphy

    Hi Joe,

    Thank you for the comment.

    I am delighted you not only took the time to read the post, but you also actively followed the steps and answered one question after the other! It is great to hear about your experience, and does help future readers find out in advance what could happen to them should they do this!

    Have a great (and clear!) week,

  • http://kreativforditas.com/ Eleanor @ Kreativ

    You are so right about doing things that align with your core purpose/core values and goals. We often do things that don’t move us forward to where we want to be, so your blog post is a great and useful reminder of the questions we should be asking ourselves. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://www.spiderworking.com/ Amanda Webb

    These are questions that tend to float around our heads but we don’t tend to do anything about them. Having a list like this is a great way to focus. Thanks Frederique

  • http://mountainmovingmindset.com/blog/ Frederique Murphy

    It is my pleasure Eleanor, and glad you found this post useful. Taking stock always results in further alignment, so this is something I recommend as one of the Mountain Moving Mindset (M3) strategies. I particularly suggest to do the Activities Questions series on a quarterly basis and have the Alignment Question written on a post-it on our desks.

  • http://mountainmovingmindset.com/blog/ Frederique Murphy

    Exactly 😉 The power of these questions does not lie in their uniqueness, as in, these are not new, it lies in taking the time to sit down and take stock by following a clear process to get the best out of our activities and execution. As i mentioned to Eleanor below/above 😉 “I particularly suggest to do the Activities Questions series on a
    quarterly basis and have the Alignment Question written on a post-it on
    our desks.”