Inspiration: Don’t Wait For It To Strike!

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The blank piece of paper… The open fridge… The empty PowerPoint/Keynote slide… I am sure we’ve all been there, right? Waiting for inspiration to strike, so that we can complete our tasks? We’ve done that in the past because we’ve been told that is how it works. We know how important inspiration is in our life, career and business. After all, it is inspiration that makes us do things. So, what a pity that your goals, aspirations and dreams have to be tied to ‘waiting for inspiration to strike’. It is frustrating, isn’t it? What if, this was not true, and you did not have to wait for it to strike?

Inspiration: You Don’t Have To Wait For It To Strike!

You know where I am going here… let’s blast this belief for once and all, as not only is this not true, but believing it is actually limits you and your results. Your results are driven by how inspired you are, and when you think about it, not much happens to those who wait. You do not have to wait for inspiration to strike; in fact, you have the power to stimulate it. And, we get our proof thanks to the word definition: “Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something” (Ref: Oxford dictionaries). The key word here is “stimulated”. So, no more waiting, let’s stimulate!

You want to stimulate it as by doing that, you shift the power onto you, and take charge of your inspiration. I hear you say, “Sounds good, how do I do that?” You stimulate it by making the conscious decision to surround yourself with inspiration. So that, what you see, what you hear, what you feel, what you touch, what you smell, what you taste stimulates you, and by being inspired, you will do more, thus positively impacting your day.

Surround yourself with inspiration with…

… Inspiring Places
At work.
At home.
A room, an office, a garden, a bench in a park, a pathway, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a chair, a sofa, a library, a museum, a gallery, a concert hall…

Your actions => 1/ start listing your inspiring places; think of the times where you’ve felt particularly good, and your productivity was up the roof, you know that feeling, right? Then list the places where you were; 2/ some of these places will be easily accessible, some others not; so, take ownership now and make the best of the places you have around you: I suggest you use the inspiring possessions and inspiring people (as explained below), and ensure you leverage them in the places where you naturally spend most of your time, so that these places do become inspiring ones.


… Inspiring Possessions
At work.
At home.
A picture, a photo, a (scented) candle, a painting, a sign, a banner, a poster, a wallpaper, a perfume, a piece of jewellery, an item of clothing, an accessory…

Your actions => 1/ start listing your inspiring possessions; think of the times where you’ve felt particularly good, and your productivity was up the roof, you know that feeling, right? Then list the objects that were associated with these moments; 2/ we attach memories to possessions, and we can recall those memories (and the feelings!) by seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting; these possessions instantly bring us back to those moments, so, ensure that you surround yourself with the mementos that will bring up inspiring memories.


… Inspiring People
A family member, a friend, a coach, a mentor, a hero, a teacher, a role model, an author, a presenter, a speaker, a trainer…

Your actions => 1/ start listing your inspiring people; think of the times where you’ve felt particularly good, and your productivity was up the roof, you know that feeling, right? Then list the people who were with you; 2/ your mind acts as a sponge and does absorb the content you surround yourself with, so pay attention to the content you are absorbing from the people who’ve chosen to surround yourself with (offline and online): speeches, audios, videos, books, articles, blogs, podcasts, songs, movies, your Twitter stream, your LinkedIn feed, your Facebook wall, your Pinterest boards… Have a critical look at this information, and ensure this is inspiring you.

You can boost your productivity in accomplishing your tasks by surrounding yourself with inspiration. Click to tweet!

Inspiration is often specific to you; what inspires you might, or not, inspire others. That’s why it is key for you to put together your own Inspiration Power list, with your inspiring places, your inspiring possessions, and your inspiring people.

Be open to it, facilitate and leverage your surroundings; this will create a powerful and driven new habit; a habit, where you no longer wait for inspiration to strike, a habit, where you make it happen by stimulating it, so that when you want it, you get it, and you are inspired. The more open you are to being inspired, the more inspired you will be. And, we know what that means: boosting your inspiration will directly impact your results in life, career and business.

Start today your Inspiration Power list.

What are your inspiring places, possessions and people?

Please leave a comment and join the below conversation!

Until next time! ;-)

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Frederique Murphy


Feedback and comments received on Twitter

@ Thought provoking! I LOVED how you gave specificity for inspiration! I like to be inspired by intangibles: feelings, thoughts



Just do it – you will see inspiration will come – You Don’t Have To Wait For It To Strike! |


Florence Dambricourt

@ i do a local 5 mile walk from our cottage to inspire me what i am doing it all for. I am going create a list as your blog.


C H Evans Associates

@ its a great idea and going to give it go. Its good to have an anchor in life when you need strength to continue.


C H Evans Associates

@ putting my inspiration list together, should be out in lovely weather but 4 hour walk yesterday rendered me a bit sore.


C H Evans Associates

@ You’re welcome! I found your article to be very inspirational with some great tips!

@ You’re very welcome it was was a great read. I teach creativity and inspiration in some of my classes … 🙂


Mike Johansson

@ Loved it! I always talk to my husband to get inspired. He’s full of great ideas!


Doc & Aryanna

@ What a wonderful post. Thank you so much.


Treva Wilson

@ Thanks! You made some great points about keeping the fire of inspiration stoked.



@ I totally blv in keeping a positive accompany around myself. Your +/- energy walks 5 feet ahead of u. Nice post. 🙂


Mehul V. Pithadia

I like this – you can make it happen | #Inspiration: Don’t Wait For It To Strike! by @


Wanda Stoltzfus, PMP

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  • Sian Phillips

    I love this post Frederique – and as you are my most inspiring person what are the chances of you moving down my way 🙂 There are some great tips there that I’m going to take on board. Thanks for sharing on as always 🙂

  • Frederique Murphy

    Hi Sian,

    Thanks for the comment.

    And, WOW, I am chuffed, this is such a lovely comment, thank you. It means a lot to know that I am on your inspiring list; WOW, really chuffed!!!

    Almost speechless 😉

    Have a phenomenal weekend,