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8 Strategies To Take Action NOW (and stop procrastination before it even starts!)

How would it feel to take action towards your goals and aspirations on a daily basis? And, even more than that: how would it feel to know that your actions are purposeful and aligned towards your goals and aspirations? That you are taking the necessary actions to progress and move forward? Amazing, right? Well, when we procrastinate, we don’t do that. In fact, procrastination is one of the ways, we sabotage ourselves. It is an extremely harmful behaviour: on a short-term basis, disruptive, and on a long term basis, destructive.

8 Strategies To Take Action NOW (and stop procrastination before it even starts!)

There are millions of blogs and articles about procrastination providing you with keys on how to stop it. I want to take a different angle, and instead of giving you keys to stop procrastination, I want to give you THE key to ensure that you don’t even start procrastinating, and 8 strategies you can apply right now to take action towards your goals and aspirations. Continue reading

(Quarter 1 ’13) BONUS Posts => Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration!!!

These additional BONUS posts include 1 question asked on Twitter, and all of the received answers.

Check out these questions and more importantly, scroll down to read the answers! These provide you with different perspectives and/or various strategies that you can take onboard and leverage 😉

What’s 1 “dream” project you haven’t done yet…?
What’s the boldest thing you’ve done to reach a goal? Share your life, career and business boldness!
HNY 😉 Let’s rock 2013! What are you going to do differently this year?
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Inspiration: Don’t Wait For It To Strike!

The blank piece of paper… The open fridge… The empty PowerPoint/Keynote slide… I am sure we’ve all been there, right? Waiting for inspiration to strike, so that we can complete our tasks? We’ve done that in the past because we’ve been told that is how it works. We know how important inspiration is in our life, career and business. After all, it is inspiration that makes us do things. So, what a pity that your goals, aspirations and dreams have to be tied to ‘waiting for inspiration to strike’. It is frustrating, isn’t it? What if, this was not true, and you did not have to wait for it to strike?

Inspiration: You Don’t Have To Wait For It To Strike!

You know where I am going here… let’s blast this belief for once and all, as not only is this not true, but believing it is actually limits you and your results. Your results are driven by how inspired you are, and when you think about it, not much happens to those who wait. You do not have to wait for inspiration to strike; in fact, you have the power to stimulate it. And, we get our proof thanks to the word definition: “Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something” (Ref: Oxford dictionaries). The key word here is “stimulated”. So, no more waiting, let’s stimulate! Continue reading

12 Questions That Lead To Clarity

Did you know that our mind hates uncertainty? This is one of the reasons why, it ‘drives us nuts’ not to answer a question. And, this phenomenon has everything to do with the results (or lack of) you are currently getting in your life, career, and business. You see, since we will answer the questions, and in fact, any questions we ask ourselves, it is critical to carefully hand-pick our questions, so that we get the best answers.

12 Questions That Lead To Clarity

Absolutely everything starts in the mind as our thoughts kick-start a powerful process ensuing results. It goes like this: from a thought to a decision, from a decision to an action, from an action to a result. It is up to us to take control of our mind to get the results that we want, and I want to share with you 12 questions you can ask yourself today that will lead you to clarity. Continue reading

Kick-Start 2013 => Mindset Top 10 Blog Posts!

2013, New Year!
New Beginnings!
New Success!

And to kick-start this year in-style, I’d like to feature the mindset shifts, techniques and tips that you, as our readers, have found the most valuable during 2012. Below, you will find our 2012 Top 10, which has been selected thanks to a range of criteria, such as feedback (comments, pingbacks, trackbacks) and page views and traffic.

Kick-Start 2013 with this Mindset Top 10 Blog Posts!

Your life, career, and business success is determined by your commitment, your thoughts, your decisions, your actions.

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Whether you are a loyal reader, or are seeing these for the first time, this is a terrific way to either refresh your memory or review a wide range of popular mindset topics, AND apply the strategies to your life, career or business. Have a look at the whole list, each blog post has been ranked and a brief overview of the mindset topic has been highlighted. Continue reading

Happy New Year!!!


Waving goodbye to 2012, and grabbing 2013 with both hands 😉

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a New Year filled with Focus, Action, Results and Success!!! Continue reading

Improve Your Balance With This Head-To-Toe Attitude Check!

Balance is one of those words used by many and wanted by many more. I believe that living a balanced life, where you strategically juggle successfully your life and career or your life and business does require an inner work first, and from there, you’ll experience outwards results.

Improve Your Balance With This Head-To-Toe Attitude Check

When we look at ourselves, what do we see? We see ourselves, right? So, that gave me an idea, which has inspired this blog post, where I am sharing with you a head-to-toe process, you can not only follow to check in, but also carry with you as a powerful image going forward. Continue reading